As a parent sending your child/ children to a boarding school is heart rending decision for you to make. After all, who else can understand and care for them like you do? And what about the insecurity they may feel leaving their home and all that is familiar them?

Your worries are natural, but once you visit our school and experience the unique environment that is protective and attentive like home and, at the same time, gives them space to grow, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

The Hostels

We have one hostel building for girls and another one for boys. Each hostel is supervised by a matron (for the girls’ hostel) and a warden (for the boys’ hostel).

The matron and the warden are assisted by a team of staff who look after the wellbeing along with the day to day, health, and safety needs of the children and also look after the upkeep of the hostel.