Community Outreach Programme

Through community outreach initiatives, the SCAD World School aims to develop caring, well-balanced and responsible young global citizens. Community outreach at SWS is part of our transdisciplinary curriculum and an important part of fostering the SWS learners’ profile. Engaging students in community service projects is a wonderful way of encouraging our students to be principled, caring and open minded. We know that learning outside the classroom and helping others encourages empathy and understanding in our students. This results in well rounded, responsible, and well balanced global citizens.

Community outreach projects at SWS undertake cooperative partnerships between the school community and communities in need, so that our students gain the personal empowerment to effect meaningful change. Locally, students and teachers are proud to participate in a yearly worldwide cancer fundraiser, the Run for Hope in memory of Canadian hero, Terry Fox. We also join forces with the Canadian Association in December each year to collect teddy bears, educational toys, and raise funds for children with Cerebral Palsy.

At SWS’ Anupatti campus, some community outreach initiatives will be led by the Grades 7 to 9 student council. Other charities and causes are run on a class or grade basis. This includes regular visits aged care facilities by our Grade 8 students and other events such as bake sales. SWS will also works with the local Red Cross to provide emergency funds during large scale natural disasters, and with other clubs like Rotary/Rotract and Lions’.