Student Council Election

Student Council Election

SCAD World School held its first ever Student Election to choose the School Captain, Vice Captain, Sports Secretary and Student Coordinator.  Elections were held in a fair manner where candidates were elected by the students. All candidates elected were given a fair chance to address the voters. They were given time to canvas for themselves and convince their voters. The School took on a somber note as banners came up appealing for votes.

Voting day dawned. Election took place just as they are normally held in our country. There was an election ballot box.  Students voted for their candidates under the scrutiny of the Election Committee. Finally the votes were counted and the Student Council Members were announced as following:

School Captain: Nithin Aravind Vice Captain: Nancy Matthew Sports Secretary: Kanishk Student Coordinator: Abu Shakin

Congrats, Students!! You comprise of the first ever Student Council of SCAD World School.

May you walk worthy of your calling!