Independence Day 2013

Independence Day 2013


Freedom is something to Smile About……something to celebrate…something to cherish!

In keeping with the passion for our country; students, teachers and the Admin. got together to celebrate India’s 67th Independence Day.

The Tricolour was unfurled at 8:30 a.m. and we sang out National Anthem. Addressing the students, our beloved Principal, Ms. Shetty metaphorically stated ‘Each one of you is a little raindrop, bringing Peace and Prosperity to the Earth.......’.

After a sumptuous breakfast, students were gathered at the foyer for an informative session about the Independence Day. A Quiz was held.

Students took a short refreshment break after which the sessions on our Independence Day continued.

In all, it was a wonderful day of contemplation and thanksgiving.

Students left the school premises at ……