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It was a special day for all the children of SCAD World School as they completed one academic year and were ready for another. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. V. Ganesan, Principal Satchitananda Jyoti Nicketan International School, Kallar, Mettupalayam. Guests and parents arrived by 3:45 pm. The function began by 4:00 pm cultural progammes preceded the Graduation Ceremony in which almost all the children participated with a lot of enthusiasm.
The Cultural events included
1. Welcome dance by the Tiny Tots
2. Western Dance
3. Classical Dance 
4. Fusion Dance
5. Dance Folk Dance and a 
6. Skit
This was followed by the Graduation Ceremony first for the kindergarten followed by the primary and then the secondary children. The chief Guest Mr.V.Ganesan gave some valuable tips on focus were 
1. Teachers and parents have equal responsibilities for bringing up children.
2. Today’s generation is a technology oriented generation and parent’s responsibility does not end in giving the latest gadgets to their children, but in spending quality time with them.
3. Teachers in a residential school play a very important role in the upbringing of children, and their contributions should never ever be ignored
The Programme ended with the National Anthem, followed by tea