Techer Skill Enrichment Program

Techer Skill Enrichment Program

The school has re-opened after a long vacation and the teachers began the academic year with an orientation program on 15th June 2014 for both the IGCSE and the CBSE conducted by Mrs. Viola R. Krishnamani, Chief Executive Officer, Scholarius Educational Services, Coimbatore.

                The session began at 9:30 am with an introduction by our Principal, Mr. Frederick Sam, followed by the first session by our special guest.

                The main points dealt with were

  1. Understanding the core principles of the CIE curriculum.
  2. Coping with the difference in various boards of Educational – National and International
  3. Understanding how concept – learning moves through the different levels of learning.

Mrs. Viola asked the teachers to plan their work well-in-advance, keeping in mind their leaving objectives, for it plays a vital role in putting together their teaching techniques.

Teachers were taught how to plan the implementation of the CIE curriculum in a systematic and effective manner. The core principles of assessment both for and of learning were one of the main points of focus during the morning session.

Evaluation is an important criteria which helps the students know how well they have understood the concept that is taught. This inturn helps the teacher analyse how well he/she has executed. The teachers is now able to reflect on her performance and this enables her to implement better strategies to make her work more conducive to the students.

A very interactive and highly informative session, benefitted all teachers who are sure to implement all the gathered information in the up-coming days