The new academic year (2014-2015) has started, with lots of expectations, joy and eagerness, to   learn.

Ten years ago , school leadership was noticeably absent from most major school reform agendas, but today, improving school leadership ranks, improvising school leadership, ranks high on the list of priorities for school reforms.

It is important that an election is held for real positions with real responsibilities; Students need to develop their leadership qualities.

We too conducted an election for the Posts of

  1. School Captain
  2. School Vice Captain
  3. Games Leader
  4. Students Counsellor

Sixteen students of grade 9 & 10, who have a good record in scholastic and co-scholastic activities were nominated for the elections. All the nominees were introduced to the students during the morning assembly. All candidates were strictly prohibited from bribing the students and giving fake promises. Campaigning began with great enthusiasm and went on for two days.

          The election was held on the 16th of June with great eagerness from the staff and students alike. All students from grades 5 to 10 were eligible to vote. The election poll was ready with the slips and the ballot box. Teachers took charge and students caste their votes in the true spirit of elections.

Counting began in the afternoon and the results were announced in the afternoon on the 17th of June, with

K. Aneesh – School Captain

R. Rithik Todi – School Vice Captain

J. Vasanthraj – Games Leader

T.A. Vishnu Varma – Students Counsellor

The main aim to shape a vision of academic success for all students to create a climate hospitable to education and to cultivate leadership qualities in students were achieved through the elections.