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Another day and another field trip. This time, the students of Grade 9 & 10 drove off to another new location – Top slip, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. It is one of the most attractive places in the entire Western Ghats, Considering its biological richness abundance of wildlife and its landscape beauty. At around 9:30 am the students boarded the government vehicle, which took them around the Tiger Reserve they were able to see elephants, Indian leopards, the wild bear, crocodiles, various kinds of snakes, fish and birds, like the owl, hornbill, Kingfisher and the black woodpecker which was a real treat to the eyes. The next site on their agenda was the vast teak plantations. Here they saw the Kannimara tree in Asia (40 Ft. long) They came the Parambikulam Dam, another theat. For the eyes. This dam ranks within the top 10 in its volume capacity. Games and sing on their return journey was filled with fun and frolic. The students now have treasured memories of animal sightings and the beauty of Mother Nature.