Inter House Tennis Tournament

Inter House Tennis Tournament

Tennis is one of the most famous games of the youth of today’s world In many institutions this game is taught to the students as it is a great source of enjoyment to all.

On the 25th of July, we had an Inter-House Tennis Tournament between the four houses – Red, Yellow, Blue & Green. In Court No.1 the Red and the Yellow team played against each other, with Jennith of Grade 8 and Suhasini of Grade 10 Playing for the Red House and Jerome of Grade 10and Tripthy Bhudolia of Grade 8 for the Yellow House. Both teams played really well and a very tight match indeed. The Red House emerged as the winner.

On Court No. 2 the Green House with Vishnu of Grade 8 and Nirupama of Grade 9 played against the Blue House with Vasanthraj of Grade 10 and Nancy Mathew of Grade 10. The Blue House emerged as the winners.

On the 26th of July the winners of both the matches played against each other and the Red team won with a close finish of 8:6. The third position went to the Yellow House.



1ST Place – Red House

2nd Place – Blue House

3rd Place – Yellow House

4th Place – Green House