Oratorical Competition

Oratorical Competition

Eloquent speech is not from lip to ear, but rather from heart to heart. The Oratory Competition which was conducted in SCAD World School truly brought out the passionate orator in all of us.

The competition took place on 1st August 2014 it was organized, collaborated, and conducted by the English Department and the Administration of the school. This Oratorical Talent search brought forth many proficient public speakers, who were able to face their fear of stage fright and speak right on!

The head of the English Department, Mrs. Sonali Banerji had inducted the competition after which the Principal encouraged the participants and the audience with his opening speech, only one thing was left who were the judges? Finally our mystery judges emerged and the suspense vanquished.

The Inter-house Oratory Competition 2014 commenced.

The seniors (Grade 9 & 10) kicked off the event. A blast from the Roman past, Campaigning to win a presidential election, voicing the importance Women’s Rights, Shedding light on the birth of this nation, It felt like the story of the world was told in a span of 30 minutes. Wait that was just end of the beginning.

The next group (Grade 6-8) of Pioneers took the Podium and astounded the judges and the audience. Taking everyone on a thrilling journey, of even dying for an ideal, through the struggles of America, a mind-blowing experience from the Dictator himself, Insight on India’s very own “Rocket Man” and Giving us the importance of speaking out what your dream is and making it a reality.

With this aroma of excitement in the air, the next group of kids were much comfortable of delivering their finest. The juniors’ performances composed rhymes, action and poems with true value for what we take for granted which kept the audience active.

All in all this was a great event and it showed that the students are not just ordinary people; they are able to change the world with just their words, gesture and tone. Never ever underestimate the power that words hold especially when the next generation uses them to their maximum potential.