Field Trip Grade 6 - 8

Field Trip Grade 6 - 8

Field trips are fun. This time it was the students of Grade 6 – 8 who were taken to another interesting location – The Kallar Horticultural Garden which is situated in the Mettupalayam – Ooty highway. A tourist destination. Amidst a natural settings with the waterfall complementing it.

The students along with 4 staff members left at 6:45 am. An hour’s journey and they arrived at their destination.

Inside the Horticultural garden they didn’t miss to have a look at all the new plant varieties and moreover the fragrance of the varied spice and fruit trees was overwhelming. After a complete walk round the garden, they played for a while in the stream.

They came the most wonderful sight-the wild elephants (3 in numbers) and wild buffaloes that came to the river to quench their thirst – A golden opportunity indeed!

The train journey from Mettupalayam to Coimbatore, yet another enjoyable experience with fun and singing.

The lunch that followed – a typical South Indian thali and ice-cream. Window shopping at the Brookfields Shopping Mall and the entertainment area – Fun City, really no words to say. Time went by, even before we could realize it, we were back in the school bus, heading back to school.