Inter House Football Tournament 2014

Inter House Football Tournament 2014

Football is India’s second most popular sport, next to the game of Cricket.

Monday 25th August 2014, the SCAD World School Intermural Football Tournament made its debut. Dr. Jessiah Selvam, Professor and Chief Co-ordinator, SCAD Group of Institutions inaugurated the tournament.

The first fixture saw the Green Team play against a very strong Red Team who shot their first goal in the 10th minute. The Red Team started very positively and the boys of the Green Team, had to work hard to defend. They worked well within their units to prevent the Red Team from scoring but the Red Team overpowered them and created a 3 – 0 lead within the first half. The second half saw the Green Team start strongly, but despite their attacking play, were unable to make up and the Red Team kept scoring with a final score of 6 – 0.

The second fixture was between the Yellow and Blue Teams. The Yellow Team captain Kanishk of Grade 10 scored a thrilling goal in the 24th second of the match, after which the game continued with no more goals scored.

On 26th August the fight began for the Blue Team and the Green Team. Both teams playing extremely well, with no one scoring in the first half. The second half saw another thrilling shot by Vishnu Bragadesh taking a lead of 1 – 0. The Blue Team fighting hard but could not overcome the Green Team’s defence and the score remained 1 – 0.

The final match between the Red Team and the Yellow Team for the first and the second positions was no less thrilling. Kanishk scored the first goal, there by taking the lead 1 – 0. The Red Team did not lose heart, kept playing well but were never able to overcome the strong defence of the Yellow Team. The second goal in the second half by Kanishk of the Yellow Team clearly proved they are an unbeatable lot.

The Final Results

House Name



I Place


II Place


III Place


IV Place


Best footballer of the tournament went to Kanishk of Grade 10