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28th August we celebrated National Sports Day as 29th August is a holiday. India celebrates its National Sports Day every year on the 29th of August. The day is celebrated to honour the legendary hockey player, Major Dhyan Chand Singh. This day happens to be the birth anniversary of Dhyan Chand who made India proud by his extraordinary sporting skills. He was the greatest hockey player India has ever seen. We celebrated this day by organizing friendly matches between the staff and the students of our school. The thirst in hearts of the students to get their chance against the staff. A good football match commenced with the inauguration my Mr. Ravichandran, Principal SCAD Institute of Technology. The game was see-sawing from side to side with many charge attempts by the Ranaldo of the team (Mr. Tamil) and Messi by Kanishk. The defence was kept to the mark by both the teams. After the first half the score was 0 – 0 but this changed immediately in the next half. Kanishk charged forward with the ball and fired its straight into the goal. On the attack in the students side the AGM, Mr. Durai Murgan had the ball between his two feet and scored an amazing goal passed Jerome, with an equalizer. The scores were 1 – 1. The match ended in penalty shoot – outs. Aneesh ended in penalty shoot-outs. Aneesh from the students team scored a goal taking their team on the lead 2 – 1. Then came Mr. Krishnan from the staff’s team shooting another goal bunging in yet another equliser. Three more players from the students side cam, but were unable to score. The last ball from the Staff Team to be taken by the Principal. All tense both Students and Staff and there cam the final kick it went passed the goal keeper and the winning goal. The next Throw ball match between the Girls and the Lady staff took off with loud cheering from all sides. Both teams playing equally well only to know the first half ended in favour of the Teachers. This stirred up the students and Suhasini and Shamini did’t let the fine go. The second half witnessed some amazing serves from Nirupama from the students team. The P.E. teacher Ms. Anusuya’s precision throws and Geetha Mam’s powerful serve found the teachers on the Winning side. The final score 2:1 in the best of 3 matches.