Appreciation Week

Appreciation Week

An innovative and unique programme conducted by the school – All people from different walks of like were appreciated for their service to the Institution.

On Monday 1st September all the drivers of our school were appreciated and acknowledged during the morning assembly for their selfless service in bringing the children to school and dropping them back safely at their homes on time.

 Tuesday 2nd September was the day to appreciate the security staff who work 24 x 7 and ensure the complete safety of all inside the school campus. The house-keeping staff were also appreciated on this day. A huge hand of applause was given to them for their tireless work in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the school. Next came the gardeners, who were also appreciated on this day for their hard work, whether in sun or rain, for maintaining the garden and the greenery around.

Wednesday, 3rd September was the day to acknowledge and appreciate all our dear PARENTS who have played a vital role in the upbringing of each and every student of the school. All parents were asked to put the television off for that day. For every home it was a “NO TELEVISION DAY” – Parents spent quality time with their children and built a closer bond with them. For the boarders too the school being the second home also maintained “NO TV DAY” and the Principal took the place of the parent and spent really valuable quality time with all the children. There was also a special song by the choir during the assembly – “We” love you dear parents with the love of our hearts dedicated to all parents, expressing their love for their parents.

Thursday, 4th September – The milkman, the egg vendor, the vegetable and meat vendors and all our suppliers who supply provisions to the school were appreciated for their promote service. All the Kitchen staff were also appreciated on this day for their HARD WORK in bringing such delicious healthy food to the table on time.