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Another day and the students of Grade 3, 4 and 5 along with staff members got a chance to put down their books and pens and drive off to an interesting location. This time it was to The Maharaja Theme park, Coimbatore.

They started off at 9:30 am by the School bus. There were 34 children in all. The bus left and the songs and music began, singing and dancing until they reached the Theme Park at 10:30 am snacks and juice was served to all and then they were all given a tag that put on their right hand, as an entry mark.

With great enthusiasm and excitement they entered the park. The first ride was the car ride, followed by the mushroom ride. The most awaited moment of the trip was the water rides. The children jumped into the water with great joy and began splashing and sliding in the water. They were then taken to the waterfall, another exciting place to play. Finally, The rain dance. All the children participated in the dance and were tapping their feet to the music, that was playing and they just didn’t know how time went by. They then refreshed themselves and went for lunch – a delicious meal of fried rice and went in for a few dry games, the train ride around the park and last of all the giant wheel, and the sky ride. They then had coffee, milk and biscuits and left for the Fun Mall at 3:30 pm.

At the food court, children were taken to KFC and Pizza Hut and everyone enjoyed the yummy food of their choice. A little bit of window shopping and it was time to get back. The children cherished every moment and returned to school at 6:30 pm with good memories – an experience they will never ever forget.