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Music is found in every known culture, past and present. A culture’s music is influenced by tradition, experience, emotions and idea and the situation in which music is listened to and played.

                There was an Inter-House classical Singing Competition on 15th Sept at 10:30 am. Two students from each category, from each house participated in this competition. It began with the little ones singing their hearts out. To difficult songs which none could imagine. As the competition progressed very good classical songs were sung like ‘Padariyan padipariyan’, ‘Thakida thathami’, ‘Konnodu Kanpatheyllam Thalaiva’, ’Ayarpadi Malagayil thaimadiyan’, ‘Kannukkul pothi vaithen’, ‘En chella kanava va’, ‘Ragupathi Ragava Rajaram’, ‘Sri Ranga rajannin patham vandhanan saiyadi’, etc, all of which were sung to perfection and the judges found the competition getting tougher and tougher. The three criteria for judging – Innovation, Difficulty of the music and Thalam were all there for all participants.

                The final word by our external Judge, ‘Mr. Rajesh Kannan’ was that we, SCAD WORLD SCHOOL, has very good classical singers who are capable of participating in competitions at a higher level.

This clearly proves that in this vast and wide ranging world of classical music there is truly something there for everyone.