On 16th Sept 2014 the P.E Department conducted an Intra Mural Badminton tournament at 2:30 pm, in school auditorium.

                The Red and Blue teams played their match on Court No: 1 with Mr. Rajan as the referee. It was a game of best of 3’s. The first game was an exciting one with both teams fighting it out and finally the Blue team got the better of it. The second game as well the Blue team took the game in its hands with a differential in the score of 21:17 and winning the first 2 sets and winning the match.

                On the Court No. 2, the Yellow team and Green team played with Ms. Anushya as the referee. This match too was a close game and the green team won the match in two straight sets.

                On 17th Sept 2014, the runners match was played between the Red team and the green team for the 3rd position. The green team put in all they had and won the game and thus taking the position of the being 3rd. The Match between the Blue and Yellow team was next and it was an intense game all the way through. The match began and the excitement was off the chart with students supporting each of their teams. The first set in the game was won by the Blue team with the score of 21:19. Then the intensity of the game was getting more and more as the Yellow team never trailing behind. In the next set, the Blue team took the lead and reached the match point of 20:18, and then the yellow team fought its way with each point and reached the point of 21:20 and then the Blue team reached the match point once again where they were 22:21 and this game continued on till the Yellow team won with the points as 23:25.

                Then the match continued to the 3rd set, and both teams fought hard for victory and as any game, there can be only one victor, and so the Yellow team won the match with points of 21:19

The Final Position

1st Position – Yellow House

2nd Position – Blue House

3rd Position – Green House

4th Position – Red House