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September 26th, the day of the “Twin Tents” Fair hosted by the Grade 10 Students. The fair was conducted as part of their coursework for the Enterprise subject. Preparation for this event began months back. It involved budget planning, communication, negotiation, recruiting and much more. All these led up till one day. On the month of September of 2014, Friday the 26th.

The event began by 3:30 in the SCAD World School ground, the fair being inaugurated by the Principal of SCAD Institute of technology. With a wide range of food stalls and activities, hundreds of hungry visitors, parents, students and teachers, began to explore the food stalls and feast on delicious food and indulge in all the games and activities. The enthusiasm and excitement from the SCAD IT College students was very encouraging towards the Grade 10 students.

As sales began to heat up, so did the discounts and offers from each stall, in order to get their sales up. Lucky draw and games like “Guess the Weight of the Cake” were very popular. Food items and eatables were available everywhere with almost everything one likes, from the Western food items to the Indian traditional ones. Biriyani, various dishes with made up of chicken and vegetarian food items. Tea, Coffee, Hot chocolate and Soda of all varieties were sold as the aroma from them pulled them into the stalls.

At around 7:00 pm the winner of the “Guess the weight of the Cake” was announced. It went to our very own Billiards Master. And then came the much awaited announcement – the winner of the Lucky draw – Ms. Vridhi, student of Grade 3, SCAD World School walked away with the apple iPod. With this, the “Twin Tents” fair came to an end and all parents left along with their wards for 10 days of Pooja holidays.