Camlin painting competition

Camlin painting competition

All India Camel Coloring Contest was conducted on 6th of November 2014 by Camlin Company. Children from our school took part in this competition. Students from Pre Primary to Grade 9 were divided into 5 Groups for participation. Each group gets a different exciting, relevant and positive topic. Students were asked to draw in A3 Paper sheet and they used any medium of coloring. The Paintings were judged internally for the School level. From our school, 10 students won prizes and medals.

Group                            Ist Prize                                      IInd Prize

A                          Bharatharini (PP2)                          Nandana (PP1)

B                         T. Naghul (Grade I)                         Dharsan (Grade II)

C                         Serah (Grade III)                           Mahalakshmi (Grade III)

D                         G. Tharanya (Grade V)                    M. Naghul Pranav (V)

E                         Sindhu (Grade VIII)                        Tripty (Grade VIII)


The winners received certificates and medals from the Camlin Company.