Christmas and Annual Day Celebration 2017-18

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Christmas is neither a time nor a celebration; but a state of mind. To cherish people goodwill and peace, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas. Christmas is the day of the year which is celebrated across the world. The joyous festival has transcended religious boundaries and resources within each child as time of glee, merriment and utility. 

         Chairman and Chief Guest addressing the gathering

 The SCAD WORLD SCHOOL has proudly celebrated its' 6th Christmas and annual day on 14th December 2017 in the school auditorium. It is needles to mention that the entire school put on a vibrant decked up and adored look . The most awaited exotic celebration sharply started at 3.15 pm in the auditorium.  The chief guest of the day is honourable Rev. Fr. A. Henry Daniel, Principal and Correspondent of Ubagarasamy School, Tirupur. As light can represents god's presents and illumines darkness, the dignitaries - The chief guest of the day honourable Rev. Fr. A. Henry Daniel, esteemed Chairman sir Dr. Cletus Babu, our beloved Director Ms. Shailaja Karnam, respective Principal Mr. Man Singh Subba brightened up the feast by lighting up the lamp and illumines the darkness of ignorance away. The program began with the short prayer.

                          Chief Guest giving away the prizes         Director Ms. Shailaja Karnam presenting Annual Report       

As welcoming is our part and parcel of our culture, our honourable Principal welcomed the gathering with his words of warmth and made the invitees feel at home. Our esteemed chairman honoured the chief guest with shawl and memento. The audiences clapped with excitement when the Chairman announced the  New Principal of SCAD WORLD SCHOOL - that is none other than our Vice Principal sir, Mr. Man Singh Subba, the Chairman wished him good luck. 

A small sense of appreciation makes one's day. This was followed by the Prize Distribution Ceremony, where the Honourable Chief Guest gave away prizes to the academically meritorious pupils of the school.  The best teacher award was also announced, Ms. Niveditha, won the most prestigious award of SCAD World School. The chief guest shared a word of wisdom and his thought provoking speech was indeed moved the audiences.  Director Ms. Shailaja Karnam presented the Annual report tracing the records, achievements of the students' both academic and non academic successes. 

The exotic grandiose carnival started with college students mime show, dance and a skit. The array of cultural programs unfolded when our blooming buds performed awe-inspiring dances on stage which instantly left the spectators with an open jaw.  The galvanized spectators were spell-bounded having seen the children perform -flower dance, tribal dance, Bhangra dance, Fusion dance and the list goes on.. 

Ms. Niveditha: Receiving the award for the title of 'The Best Teacher of the Year 2017'

The most stunning and dazzling performance was done by our Schools’ first ever school Band which lead by our beloved Principal. That was the most satisfied scene, witnessing our school children singing along with our Principal playing guitar on the stage. They cast a spell on the audiences with their fascinating show indeed. The elegant and magnificent performances mesmerized the audiences and no doubt it was a visual treat for all. 

The vote of thanks was proposed by the Head Girl Harshini. The grand feast culminated with National Anthem.  

 The celebration was a grand success which is undoubtedly the fruit of unflinching, strenuous work and practice of the student community, staff members without support of the management which is never possible.