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Our school celebrated International Grandparents Day on 19th of august 2017. The celebration was participated by the students from kindergarten till grade 2, with their respected grandparents. When they entered, they were welcomed by the school band. Students showered them with flowers and holywater. A beautiful speech was given by them too.

Grandparents were given their gifts which was packed by their grandchildren themselves, followed by the Padham Pooja with the help of their class teachers. Everyone were taken into their classrooms where students got to have tradtional food from their grandpa or grandma's hands. The audience were entertained by the spectacular dance performed by kindergarten students.

There was an interesting game played with them, where they had to identify their grandchildren by just looking into their eyes. The happiness in their right answers were seeming to be one of the most magical moments in our institution. The energy kept growing when the second game was played where grandparents were asked to dance along a circle and when the music stops, asked to take a paper from the ground. If the color of it matches with the anchor's choice then they win. The level of enthusium was very high as the celebration continued.

Grandparents showed  their skills on stage, proving that nobody else can be better at nurturing their grandchildren. To keep the momentum high, dancers of grade 1 and 2 performed for their grandparents. A photo session was arranged where invitees were posing enlighting all the captures of the celebration. The lunch was served to them after which the celebration ended. Scad institutions were glad to see the past and present mingle and learn from eachtother as its all about the learning.