Inauguration of Class Room Library

Inauguration of Class Room Library

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The students of grade V of SCAD World school  Palladam inaugurated a newly designed class room library today on July 12  2018 at 10 30 Am and lasted till 11 00 Am   Ceremony was headed by Ms Sudha  Class teacher of Grade V  our Principal Mr  Man Singh Subba and the Administrative Officer - Mr  Sathish Kumar served as a guests   

Principal  Mr  Man Singh Subbha focused on the movement of mouth  He emphasized students in engaging their cheeks  lips  tongue and jaw while reading which enrich their pronunciation   

Administrative Officer  Mr Sathish Kumar explained the role of class library and encouraged the students to read and to introduce themselves to wide range of books and to research   

The delegates heartily appreciated the initiative taken by Grade V students and the class teacher