International Mud Day Celebration

International Mud Day Celebration

The second International Mud Day Celebration was gloriously observed in SCAD World School, Palladam on 29th June 2018. Oh, wait, what? Celebrating Mud day in school? Yeah, you read it correctly. You must be wondering what Mud day is and who would even devote a day to celebrate it in the first place? Before delve into this further, here is a short description about what Mud day is and why it is being celebrated across the world.

The International Mud day is being observed across the world on 29th June every year. Mud- it sounds nuisance and slippery, doesn’t it? You might be thinking what this slippery, sticky substance would offer us. Umpteen researches proved that the minerals and bacteria found in earth helps us improve our immunity. Thus, we end up celebrating this in our prestigious school.

The agenda of today was very simple – jump in the mud pool and get drenched in the mud as dirty as possible. That was what we did exactly. The children were given proper instruction and the first aid kid was kept ready which fortunately we did not require it throughout the celebration.

It was an amazing and hilarious sight watching our toddlers masking their cute angelic face with mud, making clay toys, swimming in the mud pool, dragging their little bodies from the delicate unstable substance all through the celebration. The sight did not fail to amuse the teachers who planned and looked after the entire celebration. The festivity took up a different turn when our teachers bounced in the glistening mud and started experiencing the “Mud day” creaming their faces with mud.

After the children had had their share of fun playing in the mud, they took bath, refreshed themselves and got ready for the scrumptious lunch. They were ravenous after spending all of their energy playing, swimming and dancing in the instant-mud pool. Thus, the festivity ended with tasting the delicious lunch.

The ultimate motto of this celebration was to be benefitted from the earth and shred down the inhibitions and prejudices, which we carry on with us every day. The four hours celebration was really a huge success; we teachers along with the children in SCAD World School, Palladam have started waiting for next year “Mud Day” celebration to take place.