International Women's Day: A glimpse of celebration in the school..

International Women's Day was celebrated in SCAD World School to recognise the contribution and significance of the women. The celebration began with a song dedicated to women presented by school's Music Teacher Mr. Jordon Christopher. It was followed by a presentation by students. The presentation highlighted the message about competency of women, Intellectual capacity of women as capable of holding high responsibility as efficiently as men can do. 

Students made many greeting cards wishing all the female teachers for their love, affection, contribution, achievements etc. They presented these cards to them, offering them a place of reverence one by one. 

Academic Director Ms. Shylaja Karanam addressed the teachers and spoke about what level of effieciency women can exhibit if given opportunity. She asked them to feel proud they are women- mother, daughter, officer, doctor and capable of holding every kind of executive role. The program ended with coffee and snacks.