International Yoga day

International Yoga day

International Yoga day is being observed today across India on 21st June, 2018. We in SCAD World School, Palladam, as exceptional role model to other institutions, take lead in celebrating this International Yoga day with great vigour. We understand Yoga brings in the momentous transformation that can enable students to keep up with their regular academic tasks without any flusters. The placid celebration commenced around 11.30 am with a prayer song. Our Administrative Officer Mr. Sathish Kumar introduced the chief guest and welcomed the gathering. The presidential address was delivered by our beloved Principal Mr. Man Singh Subba. His words of warmth carried the spirit of love about which every one cherishes about. We are extremely delighted when our General Manager Mr. Rufus felicitated the gathering and came forward to share his childhood experiences with us. This year is a special year for all of us; this International Yoga day celebration is no different from this. As mentioned, we brought in the Yoga Specialist Dr. Manikandan, Coordinator of Manavalakalai Manrdram, Palladam, who has been elated in observing our little masters ready with their Yoga mat rolled out. An inevitable spirit of yoga is being observed among the students and also among the teaching faculties.

Dr. Manikandan, Our distinguished chief guest of this significant day, shared his invaluable messages to the students. He taught the children how to cure headache by themselves. He expressed “Yoga is more than just breathing techniques and correct postures; it is a way of leading a healthy life.”

Mr. Swamynathan, President of Anuppati village has taken an active participation in the programme. His invaluable presence sequined the dais. It is a bonus to hear out from him; he spoke about the importance of yoga in our daily life. He further extended his speech pointing out the benefits of practicing yoga regularly.

The most awaiting and captivating part of today’s celebration unfolded in front of our eyes. Witnessing our little yogis performed various yogic exercises to celebrate this special day made us realize the regular practice of yoga not only takes care of the physical well-being but also gives calmative effect on the mental state, which results in better performance in their life and academics.

The function was culminated with a national anthem preceded by a vote of thanks by our charming soul Miss. Serah Alia Bastin. We are looking forward for the next celebration in our school.