Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

Primary Graduation Ceremony

With stumbling toddles, our tiny tots made to the next level of their educational journey. They scribbled alphabets hard, mumbled spellings, finger counted numbers, shook their limbs to perform and soon they are there…ready to step into next level of academic venture. Sure, it calls for the celebration!

SCAD World School Celebrated Primary Graduation Ceremony on 28th March 2018 with exuberance and high octane energy of spirit.  The spectacular pageant of tiny cute students of PP2, decked in convocation gowns and caps, marched across the stage waving their hands enthusiastically as they posed for the camera capturing their innocence. They were the perfect picture of joy and beauty.

The ceremony was hosted by the students of Grade 6. Kindergarten students danced at the vibrant songs speaking of ‘adieu’. Their smiles presented the story of warmth for PP2. Senior students lent a vibe of rejoicing with the choir song in English.

Parents of the graduating students scrambled their way towards the stage to shoot smiling faces of their sons and daughters. One could fathom the magnitude of happiness on their faces as they struggled for the right position to shoot.

The ceremony, indeed, was ablaze with joy, the spirit of success and parental pride.