Life Skill Activity (Cookery) - 20.7.2018

 Beyond the boundaries of taste! (20.07.2018)

Everybody loves food and it’s a happy big yes when it comes to learning how to cook. It was a pleasant sight witnessing our little toddler chefs knowing the names of Carrot Halwa ingredients.The objective of today’s cooking was to introduce the names of ingredients, to teach them peel off and grate carrot, make a powder of cardamom, to keep the kitchen clean, to know how to prepare Halwa finally.One should not miss the sight of their puppy innocent eyes growing with excitement of cooking Halwa with their tiny little hands. We should appreciate their mastery in preparing the delicious calorie rich dessert. The sweet turned out to be sweeter when they prepared with meticulous effort and boundless joy. The aroma of mouth-watering dish filled the entire life skills building; the excitement of tasting the sweet grew stronger each passing seconds. The children left home merrily after tasting the dessert and with a strong determination of preparing their own Halwa at home personally!