Pongal celebration

Pongal celebration

“Pongal” is not a random celebration, rather an emotion of Tamilians who exhibit

their gratitude to the exquisite Mother Nature. Thiruvalluvar rightly claims, “Farming though

hard is foremost trade; Men ply at will but ploughmen lead.” (Kural – 1031) The festivity’s

spirit and vibration can be felt well in advance across Tamil Nadu. Pongal is celebrated every

year to acknowledge our Mother Nature for Her infinite benediction throughout the year

blessing us with prosperous and flourishing harvest that satiates hunger needs of all of us. To

embody this and to show our indebtedness to the Great Mother, SCAD World School

enshrined Pongal festival in the ambitious ambience of our school premises. The agenda of

the day was very simple - to acknowledge Nature by offering deliciously cooked Pongal;

however, trust me, this is just a part of the agenda. Is a celebration a real celebration without

fun and dance? Of course, not. The real festivity unfurled itself when the children had been

offered a variety of fun games right after a graceful Pongal dance of our dazzling dancers

signifying its core importance of the celebration. The spectators went bananas when they

witnessed the children exhibit their vigorous might in the tug of war between their prestigious

Houses. Even after all these fun games, our blooming buds were still fresh for the next big

event – to prepare delicious delicacy ‘Pongal’. The traditional dish was cooked and served

among the children in their respective houses. I am sure, that the children and the teaching

fraternities with the management team had a great time celebrating Pongal in the school