Tiruppur Sahodaya Skating Tournament -2017

The Skaters from Scad are another enthusiastic group which wants to achieve something great. Even though the Rink is new to them they were shined among others on the Rink of Saranalaya International School Tirupur. They got number of places.

Shek Mohammed of Grade 5 got 3rd place in time trial and 2nd in 500 Mts U-10 boys category. Serah Aleya Bastin of Grade 6 got 3rd place in time trial and 2nd place in the 500 mts U-12 girls category. Mahalakshmi of Grade 6 got 2nd place in the 800 Mts U-12 girls category.  Srinika of Grade 6 got two third place in 500 & 800 Mts U-12 girls category respectively. They were awarded by the Trophies of the organizers of Host school & Tirupur Sahodaya and congratulated by the school Director & AGM. CONGRATULATION WINNERS.