Performing Arts

At SCAD World School, we shall encourage every student to pursue a broad and balanced co-curricular program, providing them with a variety of challenges and experiences through which they can grow into confident, well-rounded individuals. While our performing arts program has many facets, the common thread is building personal confidence through the systematic development of performance skills.


Music will be a part of the required course for every student at SCAD World School, from preschool through grade 8, based on the conviction that musical experiences provide tremendous educational benefits.

Music is actually considered to be a way to express one-self. On one hand, the pupils can express themselves by music (singing, or playing music). On the other hand, they can express themselves by talking about music with the others. So children can develop their language, and their sensibility.

Research has shown that learning a musical instrument promotes brain development, as it requires the use of both hemispheres of the brain and involves kinesthetic skills, language decoding, and personal expression.

At SCAD World School each student will learn to play at least one musical instrument. Students will be given adequate opportunity to absorb, understand, create and perform Indian or Western and Classical or Contemporary music as per their inclination and talent.


Dance is a source of cultural experience and a vehicle for cultural expression for any human being, it is expected that all students of SCAD World School should have opportunities to begin to develop understanding across a range of dance forms, genres, and styles. Students are expected to develop skills, knowledge, and understanding of the special character of dance and dance forms as they have evolved and developed in India and over the world as well as an appreciation of the form and function of dance in broader contexts


Drama at SWS will provides students with a wide range of opportunities to pursue their interest in Acting, Directing or Technical skills. We will use our vast campus and all our other excellent facilities to enhance both academic and extra curricular work. The Dramatic Arts will be used specifically to help students to shed their inhibitions and to be able to interact with confidence in public situations where they would have to face unknown people. Drama will also help students to understand and analyse human characteristics and behavioural patterns.